Tamara Scully, Writer
Agricultural features for trade and consumer publications

Magazine feature writer specializing in agriculture, local food systems and small farming topics.

Tamara Jean Scully, the feature writer you've been seeking!
L.L. Pittenger Farm, humanely raised pork

With decades of experience as a feature writer, as well as an active member of the small farming community, I know this topic, love this topic, and live this topic every day. Let me be your go-to writer for anything and everything agriculture. Whether you're an editor needing a farming-focused feature, or a farmer looking for a writer for your farm website, literature or press releases, please contact me for your needs.

Engaging readers - be they producers or consumers - in the topic of agriculture is my specialty. With a educational background in biology, psychology and local food systems, plus hands-on work on farms and with farmers, sharing the reality behind food production is what I do best.

Farmers prefer to work with someone who already understands the issues and demands of agriculture. Explaining their perspective and bridging farmer/consumer communications makes my writing insightful and educational for consumer publications. Because I am a part of the faming community, contribute regularly for numerous trade publications and attend agricultural workshops and conferences alongside the farmers, I keep current on a wide variety of farming issues, from marketing to techology, animal health to food safety.

Agricultural writing isn't all I do! While most of my work falls primarily within the farming and local food perspective, I do write forĀ  the restaurant and food industry and regional tourist publications. Outdoor activities, historical topics and travel writing, along with personal essays and op-eds are other topics I enjoy. I've been involved in developing programs which enhance the bottom-line sales for direct-market farmers, create viable new marketing outlets, promote environmental enhancement and raise consumer awareness of farming, both as a farmer and as non-profit program development staff. My writing career has developed along with my hands-on involvement in agricultural issues in northwestern New Jersey, as well as regionallly throughout Pennsylvania, New York and New England.

Tamara Scully, agriculture and food systems writer, freelance