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Tammy has her pulse on what's going on in Northeastern agriculture and provides informative material to our readers of FARMING Magazine. She explores subjects that help Growing Magazine subscribers excel in their growing operations across the United States. Tammy has the know-how and clean writing skills to perform at a high level. A great resource!  Mike Freeze, Editor-in-Chief, Growing Magazine and FARMING Magazine

That was a great piece. Thank you for the coverage and quick turnaround.


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Really great wrap-up and I appreciate that. I like both articles that you have presented. Both of these are angles/topics that we have not covered in Progressive Forage Grower, and I think our audience will appreciate them.  Really nice job on the coverage. Thank you for running it past me. So this is your official "go ahead" with the articles as you have planned. I trust you have the due dates, if not I'll send those. 
And feel free to pitch me ideas in the future. I like a good contact who can find the stories.

Lynn Jaynes
Editor, Progressive Forage Grower

Hello Tammy,

Thank you for sending the Gozzard City article and art our way…everything looked great, and I didn’t have any questions during editing.


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For the Progressive Dairyman article on denitrifying woodchip bioreactors to reduce agricultural runoff:


I think this is the best article I’ve seen on our work – you were very true to the science.  Well done!



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Celebrating 30 Years of Innovative Conservation

Hey Tammy,

Good to hear back from you and also to hear that you are enthusiastic about covering (some of) these sessions. 
And yes - brag away !!
Writing for Acres is amazing. I'll have to keep an eye out for your articles.
You should be proud, for sure, of the high quality of your work.
Take good care, 
Susan Beal 
Laughing Oak Farm



I like it!  You did a good job with it. I appreciate being included.

John Wilhoit, Extension Associate Professor

Specialty Crops Mechanization

Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department

University of Kentucky


Dear Tamara,        Thank you for letting us know about the article.  You did a fantastic job!  We actually get that magazine, but being in Florida we never saw it because it was sent to NY.   We really appreciate seeing it on my ipad, anyway.      You have great talent.  Keep up the good work!                                              Mike and Gayle Thorpe

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Tammy, thanks so much for sharing this. What a wonderful article—helpful, real, and to the point. Well done! And thanks for highlighting my work, I really appreciate it.

Chris Howell
Vermont Farm Tours 
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I will definitely miss working with you. You've always been so willing to take on articles at the last minute and you're always so pleasant, even when there have been payment issues. I wish you the best of luck as well, and I'm sure you'll be hearing from my replacement - I'm making sure all pitches are handed over to him/her. Take care! Stephanie Peake, former editor Growing and Farming magazines.


Hi Tamara, This is wonderful! Great article, you are a fantastic writer. We just had our last farm to fork dinner for the season. Had a full house and sat 70 guests in our greenhouse. Wonderful food, sunset and moon rise. We hope to host you sometime next season. It would be great if you could email me the cover and article in a format that I can save? thank you so much!  

Sara Schlosser Sandiwood Farm
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Wolcott, VT. 05680


Great work, I'm becoming a fan . .
Saw your article "Handling Manure: cold weather implications" in Farming
Doug Clayton
Jaffrey, NH 03452


Nice job Tamara.

Emily Klamberg Cook, Cornell University Extension Agent

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great article!  I'm going to share it on our Facebook page--Jessica Mapleline Farm

Thanks Tammy - nicely done article!



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